Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Dangerous - and Ever-Growing - To-Be-Read Pile

Like a shape-shifter, the Dangerous To-Be-Read pile morphs daily. These pictures were taken some time ago, and while I did read almost every book in these pictures, the TBR pile has not gotten any smaller. Instead, the book monster - angry because I gave away nearly 2,000 books when we moved last fall - is getting back at me by sneaking books into every nook and cranny of my new place. No pictures of the current TBR pile exist, because it won't stay in one place. The darn thing keeps growing, and no matter how many books I read the pile never seems to go down. 

POP QUIZ! I'll be 61 years old this year. How old will I have to live in order to read all the books waiting-to-be-read in my place, not counting any new releases I might add? My son is the math whiz, so I'm just going to take a wild guess and say I'll need 100 years or so. One hundred MORE years that is, assuming I don't do anything else but read. 

And then there's the money. I won't even think about how much I've invested in unread books. Let's just say books are in the budget right up there with food and shelter.

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What's in YOUR to-be-read pile? 
 (At least, that's all the books I've remembered to list).