Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Poison Diaries

Hi! I'm back after a long gap, as you can see. I've been traveling a lot in the last few months, and I've still got more trips coming up. So far this year I've been to Robinson, IL, Chicago downtown/suburbs - more times than I can count, Orlando, Las Vegas, McAllen/San Antonio/Dallas, TX and next the Bahamas, then Chicago yet again. We may also squeeze in a leaf-peeping visit to New York/Mass/Vermont in the fall, but that's not definite yet.

The big traveler in the family right now is my son, who is getting ready to join his girlfriend in Beijing, China for a week in August, and then they are going to tour Tibet. He keeps telling me about the roads they'll be taking up into the Himalayas, and bridges over 17,000 ft. gorges. Not for me, thanks very much.

Anyway, back to the blog. I'm still at Barnes and Noble, moderating the garden book club. Starting in July, I will also be moderating the mystery book club. We are kicking off by featuring a book called The Poison Diaries, which has crossover interest to both clubs I'll be moderating. The book intrigues me because, although it is fiction, it was inspired by a real garden of poisonous plants at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England. The discussions kick off on July 8, so stop in and join us.