Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Garden Book Club at

At the moment I am moderating the Home and Hobbies book club at (and I visit a lot of the other clubs on a regular basis). The Home and Hobbies club is about to be revamped so topics like knitting will have a different moderator, and there will be a new book club, that I will moderate, discussing four or five gardening books each month.

I've given the powers-that-be some suggestions for books to discuss including several soon to be published titles and a couple of classics. We may also include a "board" to discuss gardening mysteries, since there are a lot of those available now.

The book clubs are free and now that people are becoming more familiar with the new format (as opposed to the old online university classes), the message boards are getting busy again.

Stop by to say hi, and to talk about new and interesting books on garden topics.

By the way, the photo has nothing to do with the topic of this post. I just wanted to see some summery flowers -- I'd rather look ahead to those than to think of the pile of cold, wet white stuff I'm going to have to shovel off my driveway in the morning.